Why being on time to your appointment is important

EIGHT MINUTES. This is the average amount of time it takes to welcome a customer. To get them finished with the paperwork. To get mom and family seated, and ready to have a blast seeing their baby. This is why we request that customers show up 10-15 minutes before their appointment. This is why we put a 15 minute buffer between each appointment. This is also why we say “Your appointment starts at your appointment time” and “we reserve the right to cancel your appointment if you are late.”

You might say, “5 minutes late isn’t a big deal…” Really? Add the 8 minutes above to that. Now you are at 13 minutes. A Gender package is 15 minutes long. You have now used pretty much your entire appointment.

“So you just take us, and the next customer can wait.” But now, not only does the next customer have to wait - EVERY CUSTOMER FOR THE REST OF THE DAY NOW HAS TO WAIT TOO. Every remaining customer is now starting off less than happy, Every remaining customer is now a potential 1-star review. Plus… what if another customer is late? That 15 minutes becomes 30 really quick, then 45 minutes. Then lots of angry customers…

So… If you are late. Your appointment will be shortened OR cancelled. That is up to us.

Plus, being on time is just the polite thing to do isn’t it?