Ultrasound Tips

What other ultrasound studios won't tell you...

Almost every studio advertises that they can tell the gender at 15 weeks (including us). Which is technically true. We do them all the time at 15 weeks. We are right a vast majority of the time too. But guess what? Doing your gender at 15 weeks is exactly the moment when it’s possible, but it doesn’t mean that’s the best time. We often hear mom’s say during their session, “that doesn’t look like anything” and you would be correct. To the untrained eye it doesn’t look like anything. When you come to our studio for a gender, you aren’t just paying for us to use our $75,000 ultrasound machine to look inside your belly on a comfy bed. You are paying for our experience. Because determining gender is SUBJECTIVE. Meaning, not an exact science, or to put it differently, open to interpretation by the person performing the scan. The only 100% without-a-doubt certain way to tell a gender at 15 weeks is a DNA test.

So that’s what most won’t tell you. At 15 weeks it is NOT an exact science. Nobody (not even your doctor) can say that 100% without-a-doubt your gender is X or Y because it’s just not possible. However, the plus side is that you can always wait a week or two. Your chances of being 100% go up really, really, quickly. So, don’t be such a rush, slow down and make sure you aren’t painting everything blue and buying pants, when you should be painting things pink and buying dresses. That week or so can save you a lot of heartache.

Why being on time to your appointment is important

8 minutes. EIGHT MINUTES. This is the average amount of time it takes to welcome a customer, get them finished with the paperwork, and seated and ready to have a blast seeing their baby. This is why we request that customers show up 10 minutes before their appointment. This is why we put a 15 minute buffer between each appointment. This is also why we say “Your appointment starts at your appointment time” and “we reserve the right to cancel your appointment if you are late.”

Differences Between Earlier and Later 3D, 4D, and HDLive Ultrasounds

When considering when to do your 3D 4D Ultrasound, you will get a different view of your baby depending on how far along you are. Note the drastic changes in just 13 weeks. But this particular baby still likes her hands by her face! When you get a 3D Ultrasound earlier, the baby is smaller and less developed. When you get a 3D Ultrasound later in the pregnancy, the baby is obviously more developed and looks more he or she will at birth. Both views are exciting for mom!

Get Your Baby to Move for a Gender, 3D, 4D, or HDLive Ultrasound

If you want to get your baby to move during a gender or 3D ultrasound, eat fruits that are high in sugar about 30 minutes to an hour before your ultrasound appointment. It's possible that the baby could be sleeping if you have not been tracking his/her sleeping patterns. The natural Fructose found in fruit can wake up your baby and get them moving when it's time for their close-up!

Drink Water Prior To Your 3D, 4D, and HDLive Ultrasound

Around one or two weeks prior to your 3D 4D Ultrasound appointment, it's best to drink more water than you might normally drink. With all that pressure on the bladder, you might think drinking more water is a recipe for more trips to the restroom. Honestly, it probably is, but you can see a vast difference in the quality of the 3D ultrasound images when the mother is drinking plenty of water. It's a stark difference - the amniotic fluid is much more clear than those mothers who may not be drinking as much water.