What is the difference between 2D, 3D, 4D, & HDLive Ultrasounds?

HDLive Ultrasounds

This is the newest and best in ultrasound technology currently available. Like 3D & 4D, you are able to see the features of the baby, but the images are much smoother, and incredibly detailed and true to life as compared to 3D images. The other groundbreaking technology in this view is a sort of "virtual flashlight" that can be used to enhance the images by moving it around until the image has the best "lighting" possible (even though it's virtual). See the video below for an example of the artificial light source in motion.

4D Ultrasounds

With this technology, you can see the motion of the baby. If your baby has a large, clear pocket of amniotic fluid around his face, is moving about and is developed enough, then we can get great clips of motion. The clips are typically less than a minute

3D Ultrasounds

Shows the tissue of the baby, which look more like a real picture. We can see the roundness of the baby's face, the shape of the nose, and the countours of the face (if the baby is in a position where it viewable and it's in view). The color in the images is not the actual color of the baby, it's computer enhanced to make the images a bit more appealing. We can show the baby in sepia, blue, green, or red.

2D Ultrasounds

These are the traditional Black & White ultrasounds that have been around for 20+ years that most people are familiar with. These are used mainly in determining gender, and they show the skeletal structure (outline) of the baby. You can also see the baby moving! This is the type of ultrasound your doctor uses for your DIAGNOSTIC ultrasound. It is still the best technology for gathering measurements of the baby and ensuring the baby is developing as expected.

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