Complimentary Facebook Live Streaming

Discovery Ultrasound continues to lead our competition providing you the most up-to-date choices for sharing this occasion with friends and family.

We strive to LIVE STREAM every ultrasound session to Facebook Live (with your permission of course). This service is complimentary and included with every package. You can have friends and family tune in and see your session with a slight delay almost as it happens! Right on our Facebook Page! It's been a huge hit with our clients so far. (viewers are required to have a Facebook account)

Please be aware that this new technology is reliant on factors and variables that are out of our control working perfectly to succeed (internet, Facebook Live's interface, etc.). We cannot guarantee that everyone's session will be streamed and/or uploaded. We also cannot offer a redo if your session isn't captured, which is why we don't charge extra for this complimentary service. Secondly, we don’t offer re-do’s if you have friends on Facebook that disagree with our gender prediction. The live video is not nearly as detailed as the in person view - and they are usually not as qualified as we are at predicting gender.

Click this icon to view our current live feed or finished sessions

Click this icon to view our current live feed or finished sessions

We have streamed over 450+ sessions and counting to our Facebook page!

Check them out! 

We strive to stream all of our sessions live to Facebook! We offer this as a courtesy and free of charge!

(we do not offer a re-do if the video stream to Facebook fails - again this is a FREE courtesy)