Our Exclusive HDLive Technology

Did you know that 3D Ultrasound technology is about 15 years old?

HDLive is the latest Ultrasound Technology available and Discovery Ultrasound was the first studio in Northeast Florida and South Georgia to have it. So we have the most experience using it. We also never charge extra for HDLive.

Why would you go anyplace else? Our goal is to get you the best images possible of your baby using whatever view works best. We aren't going to stop because you haven't "upgraded" to the best view.

This pregnancy only happens once! Wouldn't you want the best images you can possibly have? We think so too.

Did you know most studios in the area use pre-owned ultrasound machines? Our machine was purchased NEW.

HDLive Ultrasounds in Jacksonville, Florida

HDLive is the newest Ultrasound Technology Available!

Realism Like Never Before

Discovery Ultrasound of Jacksonville recently acquired a brand new GE Voluson e8 Expert Ultrasound Machine. It's the most cutting edge Ultrasound machines available on the market today. We were the first prenatal non-diagnostic ultrasound provider in North Florida and South Georgia to offer GE’s brand new HDLive Ultrasound technology. 

    Some are referring to it as High Definition but HD is not the same as HDLive - it is actually offers much more. A “virtual” light source can be moved around the rendering during the scan to provide a variety of unique views of the same subject. Think of it as having a flashlight that you can move until you get the best view possible! It’s an incredible game-changing technology.

    Also, it uses the same ultrasound that has been proven to be safe for decades, it’s merely a new hardware platform and software package that brings out the images. Only Discovery Ultrasound was the first to have this technology locally.