Discovery Ultrasound - Jacksonville Florida's #1 Studio

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Why are we the #1 Ultrasound Studio in Jacksonville, Florida?

We were the first studio in Jacksonville to have HDLive. We've been using it longer than any studio in town. Did you know that we are the only studio that never charges extra for HDLive? Why would we charge extra to give you better images? The older 3D/4D technology is over 15 years old. HDLive is the newest ultrasound imaging technology on the market, and our ultrasound machine is brand new. Most studios in town use pre-owned equipment using 15 year old technology. Why spend the same amount of money for 15 year old technology? You can have the latest, CLEAREST scan technology for the same price (or better) at Discovery Ultrasound. This pregnancy will only happen once, don't you want the best opportunity to see your baby with the best images possible without being up-charged? We've been in business since 2005 and performed over 13,000 ultrasounds. We have over 200 5-Star reviews. Why go with a companies that play catch-up, when you can go with the company that leads the way?

Newest Technology Available

Discovery Ultrasound has the GE Voluson e8 System with HDLive Technology. Most OBGYN providers don't even have this machine. It's the current state of the art. Other studios claim to have the latest and greatest but unless they have HDLive, it's 10 year old technology. Don't you want the best images you can get?

Best Reviews

Don't take our word for it, just read our 3D Ultrasound and Gender reviews from some of our previous customers. Nobody else has 200+ 5-Star reviews because when our customers leave they are happy and want to tell somebody all about it. We get great reviews and often!

60 Second Online Booking

Why play phone tag? With our easy online booking system, you see our calendar right online and you can pick the time that best fits your schedule. Find the best time for you and your family, answer a few questions, and your Ultrasound is all set. No need to even create an account!