We are a veteran owned business...

Where is the military discount?


You may have noticed that we have removed our discount for military and first responders. Why did we do this? For a few reasons. First, we know money can be tight when you are on a fixed income. We also know new parents are not usually wealthy. This is why we decided to offer our $20 discount for booking online. THIS DISCOUNT MAKES US THE BEST VALUE IN TOWN EVEN WITHOUT A MILITARY DISCOUNT - even with "returning customer" discounts, "military & first responder discounts" etc.

Our gender is $49 when you book online. Everyone else's is $69 minus a 10% or 15% discount (so $62.10 or $58.65 respectively). You will find if you do the same math, the other packages are less expensive as well. We are quite simply the best value in town.

This keeps pricing extremely simple and easy - and we think that's better for all of our customers.

PLUS! Did you know we're the only studio in the area that can stream your session to Facebook live? You can share it easily and quickly to everyone! Once your session is over, you can also come back to our Facebook page and view it as many times as you like. Your deployed familiy members can too! We do this as a complimentary part of every package.

What is our story?

We are a veteran family owned business. My husband served in the US Army as an Infantryman (11 Bravo). We have an intimate understanding of the struggles of military families because we were a military family. My husband has lost several members of his own unit to suicide since returning home. It is a cause very close to our hearts. Nobody should feel that alone, especially our military who have served our country. So in addition to our blanket $20 discount - we donate a portion of EVERY Ultrasound to STOP SOLDIER SUICIDE.

Click this image to help.

Click this image to help.

When some of us come home, not all of the wounds are visible.

  • Veterans are at a 22% higher risk of suicide than those who have not served.

  • Every 65 minutes a veteran commits suicide. 22 per day.

A portion of the proceeds of every ultrasound we perform gets donated to Stop Soldier Suicide. This organization is performing a great service.