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We think Discovery Ultrasound is the best 3D, 4D, and HDLive Ultrasound provider in Jacksonville, Florida. But you don't have to take OUR word for it, just look at the reviews we get from customers who are delighted with our services. Nobody in town has as many positive reviews as Discovery Ultrasound.

200+ Raving Ultrasound Reviews
Discovery Ultrasound staff was friendly and very welcoming. My husband and I were made very comfortable during the process. They had a fun sign that welcomed me when I walked in. The rooms were large and nice. The woman who performed the Ultrasound answered all kinds of questions and showed us our little baby in different types of imagery.
— Marie N / January 26 2017
We felt welcomed from the moment we walked in for our appointment. Diane was very sweet and attentive and made us feel like our time was just as important to her as it was to us. She took her time explaining everything to us and made sure she got great images of our little peanut. The stuffed animal that contained the recording of the baby’s heart beat was such a neat plus to an already amazing experience!
— Andjela C / November 26 2016
We loved our experience! The staff was very kind and did all she could to get a good picture of our little one! We denifitely recommend this place.
— Beatriz D / October 21 2016
I originally had an appointment Wednesday October the 5th but due to the upcoming hurricane my appointment had to be rescheduled. she decided to set my new appointment for that Saturday October 8th and assured me of any issues regarding weather or damage in the facility I could change the date as well. Saturday came, the weather was perfect and the office was up and running. Pulling into the parking lot I realized my family and the ultrasound tech were the only ones there. Not only did she allow us to start early but I also felt genuinely special having my name at the front. Going into the room was pretty awesome. Displayed were 2 monitors and a projection of the ultrasound for all guests to see. The room was comfortable and she was extremely kind and patient. she took her time with my appointment and made it a very special experience for my family catching my handsome baby boy with all his expressive faces. I would recommend the experience with your loved ones as well.
— Adelis M / October 10 2016
Excellent! I really enjoyed my time at discovery HD! Everything was so cozy and made Me feel comfortable. She was so wonderful about pointing out all the different features of my baby and made this a very memorable experience! Would reccomend this place to anyone!!
— Mallory P / August 29 2016
Couldn’t be happier! We were very happy with our ultrasound session even though my baby boy wouldn’t cooperate! Mrs. Diane did everything she could and was very patient with him! I would recommend her business to anyone and would most definitely use her again!
— Laura M / July 24 2016
Highly Recommend! Diane was amazing and baby wasn’t photogenic so she took her time and ended up getting really great photos of the baby. If I wasn’t so far along I would go back. I highly recommend this place the HDLive was incredible.
— Meagan P / July 5 2016
My boyfriend and I were visiting FL where my parents live. They haven’t seen my baby since I found out I was pregnant. I thought this would be a great time to see their first grandchild in the womb. :) We were all so very happy with our experience! We hadn’t seen a 3D/4D ultrasound yet so that was really neat. You were so kind and knowledgable about what was going on inside. Thank you again for all you did and the time you took with us to explain things and show us different parts of the baby! We all appreciate it so much. I would definitely come back if I come to town again. :)
— Kelsey G / June 22 2016
This was my third visit with baby number three. We were excited to see our little guy but he wasn’t cooperative. I have to say I had high hopes for the HD but it didn’t meet those expectations. Maybe it was my little guy not wanting to participate. The staff is great, friendly and always helpful. Easy to find location, clean space. I’m going to make another appointment for hopefully more cooperative little one to get better images.
— Jamie D / May 31 2016
Discovery is Awesome, this was our second visit in a little over a month as we have a couple pregnancies in the film right now. Both times it was an exceptional visit. THANKS!!!!
— Christine H / May 19 2016
Soooo cute!!! I loved the experience and the customer service was awesome!!! I loved everything and her determination to make my stubborn baby show herself. But it was so much fun!!
— Mikiala B / July 19 2016
We had an awesome experience at our visit. Our baby was not cooperating, so they tried everything to get him to.they even spent a little extra time, and genuinely cared. We had to reschedule but still loved it. The room was very very nice as well. A++
— Ariel H / April 6 2016
Worth Every penny!!! That was the coolest experience ever!! I greatly recommend it to anyone who is expecting!!!
— Courtney T / April 5 2016
My husband and I came here to get a view of our little one in 3/4D. It was was very pleasant and confortable. As soon as you walk in the atmosphere of the place makes you feel at home and relax. The room we were in was very nice decorated. It was clean, spacious and confortable, especially if you have a group of people with you. The bed was very soft and plenty of monitors to see the baby. Diane was great from the moment we walked in. She was very nice, interacted with us, funny and very knowledgeable when it came to the machine, how to best get pictures of the baby, etc. So overall we give this place a 10+ stars. Our pictures and DVD look amazing. We highly recomend it. Thank you Diane for your dedication and custumer service.
— Bethjamie W / April 3 2016
Comfort and Joy! We had a wonderful experience with Diane. Our doctor didn’t want to try to give us any idea of gender at 22 weeks so that’s what brought us to Discovery. We were able to find out the sex of our little one and can finally begin planning. We both felt the environment is very inviting and comfortable. Diane is wonderful too. We are excited to come back when baby is a little further along.
— Shannon P / March 19 2016
I loved it. The attention is EXCELLENT! the quality is very good. The place is lovely. The package is everything they offered. I think the price worth it. I totally recommend it!!!
— Lorena C / February 28 2016
AMAZING EXPERIENCE!! This was an awesome experience that my family was able to enjoy. The facility was very nice and spacious. I would recommend over and over again.
— Keshonda G / February 15 2016
Great ultrasound service : ) This was our second time to discovery ultrasound and could not have been happier with the services, and facility : ) Very friendly and sweet staff!!! We will be back with our kids as the baby gets bigger!
— Ashley M / March 18 2016
Awesome experience! This is by far the best place! Compassion, caring and very welcoming environment with the most up to date equipment. I was very comfortable here.
— Cindy H / February 28 2016
Great Experience for My Family! Having just moved to Jacksonville, we wanted to see our baby boy in the midst of the nightmare of paperwork to transfer OB/GYN’s from state to state. Diane and Discovery Ultrasound were there for us! The experience was a great one for me, my husband and my daughter, and I would highly recommend it to anyone considering getting a 4D. It is definitely cheaper than going through the hospital.
— Geraldine F / January 9 2016
I absolutely loved the setting of this facility. I felt comfortable, relaxed and got every penny worth from my visit! I also love the fact that I was greeted with my name on a podium. Made me feel so welcome! I will defiantly be using Discovery Ultrasound again before I have my baby!
— Nikitia W / December 6 2015
We had such a great experience here and we are definetly going to return.
— Karen / October 25 2015
Awesome! Very beautiful atmosphere and the giant screen is really perfect for viewing your little one! Will be going back.
— Paige / October 24 2015
My first time going and I loved it, I recommend them over a doctors office, the room itself gives u the feeling of that special moment with your unborn and plenty of room for family and friends.
— Sharnice W / August 11 2015
Even though we had to leave and come back, Diane was very patient with a baby that loved his toes. We couldn’t get a clear picture the first time so she allowed us to come back and try again. Very professional, facilities were clean and high tech. I would recommend to anybody in Jax!
— Jasmine A / August 22 2015
Best In Town! I came to Discovery for my gender and they were right!! I decided to try a different place closer to my house for a 3D4D but came back to Discovery because the quality of the pictures is way better!! Thank you so much!!
— Dana W / August 8 2015
Loved the atmosphere! From the time our whole family arrived to the gender ultrasound that took longer than planned has made our whole entire experience wonderful and comforting. I liked that we were able to invite both our families from out of town to experience this amazing moment with us! We will definitely come back when my belly is bigger! At 16 weeks we found out we were having a boy and we are beyond stoked! Thanks for making me, a first time mommy and my family enjoy this special unforgettable day!
— Sheena R / July 10 2015
LOVED IT! I went in 5/30/2015 and this was a great experience. Diane kept me and my sisters entertained the whole time. She is also very patient. My baby would not uncover her face at all and she allowed me to come back the same day after her last appointment so that we were able to see the baby. The room is wonderful. I also bought a bear with my daughter’s heartbeat!! Cheapest and absolute best in town.
— Zaria K / June 1 2015
This place is great! My little girl wasn’t cooperating for our first appointment so we came back a few days later and so glad we got to do this! We got a lot of great photos and a cd so we can share with family and friends. The ultrasound room is very comfortable and the giant screen is great! We also did the gender determination at 16 weeks so I’ve been here three times and would highly recommend to anyone.
— Amanda F / May 22 2015
From the moment you walk into the doors, they make you feel welcome. The atmosphere is phenomenal and the tech was awesome. She worked really hard to help us make this experience memorable. We cannot wait to go back for our 3D/4D and bring our family with us!
— Kristen M / May 1 2015
My husband and I spontaneously decided to try and schedule an appointment to find out the gender of our second baby while our daughter was in school. Discovery ultrasound was not only was able to fill our request, our experience was amazing too! The ultrasound room is comfortable and family friendly. The huge projection screen is perfect for parents to get a larger than life view of their little one. Diane did such a great job and we would recommend Discovery Ultrasound to anyone hoping to get a sneak peek of their baby! We are very thankful to have had this opportunity to learn we have been blessed with a son and hope this review helps parents make a decision on where to get their next ultrasound done.
— Amanda L / April 15 2015
Perfect! I ran late to my appointment, but my mother and mother in law were already there. They have an adorable sign in the waiting room with your name on it and instructions. The paper work was minimal and the atmosphere was very inviting, and that was just the waiting room. Our room was very large and confortable. Again very warm and inviting, nothing about the visit felt ‘clinical’. I felt very at home and at ease like it was a holiday with my family. The sonographer was extremely personable and helpful, even though my little one would not cooperate well (just her personality). In the end I had at least two beautiful pictures of her face and could see her chubby little cheek and tell that she has her daddys nose and my chin. I will be going here from now on and recommending Discovery Ultrasound to everyone I meet! Did I mention the price is much better than anything else I found?!
— Samantha D / March 25 2015
A big thank you!! Thank you for the wonderful introduction to my new baby boy! This place was clean, comfortable and well decorated! I highly recommend Discovery Ultrasound to everyone.
— Chloe J / February 23 2015
I picked Discovery Ultrasound because of the reviews I read online and I am glad I did. If you want to know where to go this is the right place. You won’t be disappointed!
— Donna W / February 22 2015
I love this place!! This is the second time we have done a 4d ultrasound here. The staff is super nice, always on time with appointments, and the office is clean :)
— Melissa T / February 10 2015
Awesome! Will definitely be coming back. My Ultrasound was perfect. I loved that there was a sign to welcome me when I arrived. Diane also took time to get me a proper gender determination and some great photos. Will definitely return later in pregnancy for a 3D!
— Lauren D / December 28 2014
I had my appointment with Discovery Ultrasound yesterday and it was truly an amazing experience! The equipment was nice and the atmosphere was so relaxing and comfy! Thank you Discovery Ultrasound!
— Alexis D / December 30 2014
So amazing! We had a great experience at Discovery Ultrasound. Our little one was not cooperating for most of the visit, but she did everything she could to get her to move, and work with us to make sure we got the perfect shot of our little girl. And we did, and we are still staring at it :) Thank you so much!
— Ebony M / December 16 2014
Outstanding Service. Very clean, professional, comfortable,and affordable! Will refer others without hesitation!
— Starletha W / December 15 2014
I could not be more happy with the experience I had with Discovery Ultrasound. The office was clean, staff very friendly. I loved that when I walked in the door there was a sign welcoming ME specifically. I was worried I’d feel a little rushed being I picked a shorter session but that was not the case at all. Thank you so much and I look forward to coming back again during this pregnancy.
— Amber A / November 21 2014
Discovery Ultrasound was wonderful! I am glad we chose them for our experience. This is our first child, we really wanted to have something special to remember the pregnancy and also get to see our little girl in 3d/4d. I am so thankful that we were able to do a redo after the first try, since my little stubborn baby girl was hiding from us and would not move around, so that we could get a good image. So glad to know Discovery Ultrasound was so understanding and had a lot of patience with us. Loved the reasonable prices, calm atmosphere, and great service!!
— Jennifer M / November 8 2014
I had such a Great experience at Discovery Ultrasound that I’m thinking about going again so my hubby can join me. Diane was very nice and patient while trying to get my stubborn little girl to change positions. There was a personalized sign in the waiting area greeting me and the whole facility was clean and very relaxing! Definitely recommend this for every pregnancy!
— Desarae O / October 29 2014
We had a wonderful experience at Discovery Ultrasound! It was a really nice facility, and there was a little sign with my name on it when we walked into the waiting area. It just made it special for me. The room was comfy, and there were such beautiful baby pictures on the wall. My little one was very active, but Diane worked on my belly until we could see that he is a little dude. She recorded his heartbeat, and we bought a little doggie heart beat buddy for the sound box. We also got great pictures of our little man! I would highly recommend Discovery Ultrasound. We are planning to go back for some more images further on into my pregnancy.
— Amy A / October 24 2014
Ah-mazing! Great experience! Atmosphere is perfect! Would definitely recommend to anyone!
— Rebecca B / October 22 2014
Best Day Ever! I have and will continue to refer Discovery Ultrasound to my friends, co-workers, and family. Diane was patient and very welcoming. My baby was face down for 20 minutes and she was patient and worked hard to get my baby girl to turn. FINALLY she did and it brought tears of joy to our eyes. Thank you for helping us to make a memory we can enjoy for the rest of our lives!
— Dominique C / October 14 2014
Great experience even with stubborn baby. My husband and I recently visited Discovery Ultrasound and had a good experience even with our stubborn princess who didn’t want to move her hands to show her pretty face. You walk in and there is a personalized sign welcoming you which is a very nice touch. The waiting rooms and overall facility is nice and clean. Diane was great and did everything possible to her ability to try and get us glimpses of our little girl. When we got home and reviewed the pictures and DVD we got a little more glimpses of her face than we thought. When we get a little further in the pregnancy we will definitely be setting up an appointment for the double take.
— Kimberly J / October 5 2014
The facility is very nice. When I came in, there was a sign welcoming me and my family. I Filled out a little info and we were straight to business. It was as if I was in my bedroom. It didn’t take long at all to see that the baby was a boy because he made sure she was able to see. Although this was a gender determination, she showed me some 3D shots, and I know for sure I will be returning soon to have the 3D now that he has developed more. I loved everything about this experience.
— BRITTANY H / September 24 2014
Love Discovery! We used discovery for our gender determination and we were very pleased. Just went back at 27 weeks for our 3D/4D and were really happy and excited with how great our pictures and DVD turned out. Our little guy didn’t want to show his face but she worked with him and we got some great shots. Would definitely recommend discovery and hope to use them again in the future!!
— Whitney / September 10 2014
My husband and I went to Discovery to find our the gender of our baby and it was well worth it! It was a very clean and comfortable atmosphere. We are so happy with our decision to go here!! Highly recommend!
— Christine W / August 14 2014
My baby wasn’t being cooperative so she rescheduled me to come back at no extra charge. She was so nice and welcoming. I will be coming back for another one!
— Caitlin H / August 7 2014
Loved it. Very well kept place, loved the personal atmosphere as if it were in your own house. Sweet woman Dianne is.
— Chelsea K / July 31 2014
My name is Pamela Westmoreland. I had a 3D ultrasound on 7/5/14, and although it’s recommended to get the 3D ultrasound further along in your pregnancy, I must say I wouldn’t have had it any other way. First, the facility was beautiful and it had a really nice smell to it. When I walked through the door, it had a sign with my name on it, welcoming me. I didn’t wait long, my appointment started right on schedule. Ms. Diane was really nice, and I was really anxious about the gender. I wanted a girl, and Ms. Diane confirmed a girl in less than 30 seconds. I got to see my daughter dance and pose like the true diva she is. I was really satisfied with the pictures on the CD and the DVD with music on it! I am definitely coming back around 30-32 weeks to see how much my little girl has grown! Don’t go anywhere else! You will not regret coming here. Thank you Diane for a truly beautiful experience!
— Pamela Westmoreland / July 6 2014
We had a 2d gender determination ultrasound yesterday. When we walked in we were greeted by a sign with my name on it and be wave instructions on what to fill out. My family and I say in one of the waiting areas which are very comfy and homey, while I filled the paperwork we were told it will be a few minutes for my appointment. Exactly at 11:30am we were in the room getting ready to see your baby, the room was awesome it has tv so your family moments can see clearly the ultrasound and a little play area for the little ones. We asked to not know the gender and to have it written and put in a sealed envelope. So she did the gender determination first while we all looked away from the tv screens and then we were able to see our baby. We even got a sneak peak on how a 3d ultrasound lolls like. We were all very please with the pricing of the ultrasound and with the service relieved. I am defenetly coming back to get a 3d ultrasound when I’m further along my pregnancy, I would recommend Discovery ultrasound to anyone that would like to see their baby!
— Jennifer M / June 15 2014
I was so very greatful for discovery ultrasound for being available! My husband was only here for a short time and he really wanted to find out the gender of our baby before he had to report back to duty. The day before my original appointment with my doctors office they called to cancel! Talk about disappointed. We found discovery ultrasound thank god. The facility is extremely nice and professional. Thanks for everything and making this possible for my husband to see before he had to go out to sea!!
— Crosena C / May 26 2014
This is our first child and our first face to face meeting and it was incredible. Discovery Ultrasound and Diane made it all possible. Thank you Diane!
— Annabella / May 9 2014
I was very pleased with my session at Discovery Ultrasound. Great facility, great price, and amazing service. My first session was not successful (due to my baby not wanting to show his face ) and I was given the opportunity to come back with no hassle for another shot at seeing my baby. I would recommend this facility to anyone interested in having a more intimate ultrasound session than the ones offered at doctors offices. I will use Discovery Ultrasound again.
— Samantha H / May 5 2014
Had a wonderful and comfortable experience! Staff was friendly and great! It was very magical to see such a clear vision of our lil one. I will definitely go again if ever pregnant again. Price was great as well! Thank u!
— Amanda L / May 2 2014
I am very happy that my husband and I decided to use discovery ultrasound. We are having a little boy and are due in June and he decided that he wanted to sleep through they whole ultrasound and try and hide his head behind my hip. She took her time and did everything she could to get him to wake up and move to get some good pictures and we did get some very good and cute pictures of our little one. I would definitely recommend to my friends and family to go here and will use them again with our next child.
— Sara S / April 15 2014
We really wanted to see our little boy and Diane got us in the same day. She showed up everything. It was so amazing. Diane made it fun and was extremely knowledgeable!!
— Thalia S / April 3 2014
I really enjoyed my ultrasound! Diane was very welcoming and my name on the sign when I walked in was a sweet touch! I would recommend this facility for those seeking an elective ultrasound.
— Ashley S / March 25 2014
More than I expected!!! I didn’t think that I would get to see my baby’s expressions and see her smile. My heart was melting. Diane was so kind and fun and made sure that I got to see everything we could. I would recommend Discovery Ultrasound to everyone!!! Thank you again Diane!! :)
— Alisha / March 12 2014
Being pregnant is the most incredible experience but being able to see your little one couldn’t be more amazing. Both my husband and myself were impressed by how comfy the place was and how friendly Diane was. I would recommend having any ultrasound done here as your guaranteed a wonderful experience.
— Danielle / February 19 2014
A life saver! I had scheduled a gender reveal party and baby did not cooperate at our medical ultrasound. I went into a panic but you were able to schedule me very quickly! Baby still didn’t want to cooperate but you worked with me and tried all your different tricks until you were able to confirm- it’s a girl!!!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!! The party was a smash!
— Danielle S / February 18 2014
I wasn’t sure what to expect buy it was amazing. To see my baby and all of his little parts was wonderful. Discovery Ultrasound was perfect. Diane was so sweet and fun that it made the experience that much better. Thank you!!
— Jennifer / February 15 2014
We had another great experience at Discovery Ultrasound. We really enjoyed the Military Mom special. They took their time and explained everything we were seeing. She was so patient with my very chatty (almost) 4 year old and really engaged her in the process. It was a special time for our family to see our growing baby boy.
— Jerrica R / January 24 2014
What a special bonding experience for mom, dad and baby to be able to do see whats going on inside whenever you feel you want to. Diane made the whole experience special and calmed my first time mom nerves. For that I can’t thank her enough. We will definitely be back.
— Dilyn J / January 16 2014
MUST HAVE!!! What an amazing experience ! I recommend it to anyone , Diane is so sweet and patient ! Great photos and once again an amazing experience !!
— Naujia P / December 7 2013
Thank you for being so patient with our baby! Diane allowed us to come back again since we weren’t able to capture any shots of our baby’s face during our first session. At the 2nd session, we were able to see her sweet little profile. Thanks again...we can’t wait to meet her!
— Abbey B / October 20 2013
Had a great experience! was concerned going in that we wouldn’t be able to see gender, but she took her time getting the view she needed (baby’s legs were in the way for a while). didn’t feel rushed through at all, and that really impressed me. she took the time and showed us all the parts of the baby, and we heard the heartbeat.
— Amy R / October 17 2013
Very pleasant experience! Upon entering the faculty, my family and I were greeted and immediately made to feel special and welcome. Facility was clean and had a warm feel to it. I was a little worried my 2 young children (1 and 4 would be bored and make it difficult for me to get my scan done but the large room and toys available helped a ton. Very pleasant experience!
— Christina D / September 16 2013
The location was central and the facility was beautiful. Our technician was as nice as could be. She tried everything she could to get our little one to cooperate. The viewing room was large enough to comfortable accommodate our LARGE family and everyone got to feel involved. When our little one didn’t cooperate the technician even came in on a holiday so that our family could be present when trying for another shot. I would HIGHLY recommend this facility to anyone.
— Stephanie P / September 4 2013
One of my friends recently used you guys and it made me go back and look at my pictures and I just wanted to let you know that they could not have been more perfect! It is so unbelievable how much our little Charlotte looked just like her ultrasound. I know you probably see this all the time, but I wanted to show you, too. Thanks so much!
— Jerrica R. / April 13 2011
Kenny and I wanted to thank you for allowing us to bond with our baby, Isabelle, in that special way. Thank you also for giving us advice on child birth and what to expect when she is born. You helped me ease up! I wish you and your family luck and God bless you. We will be sending you a birth announcement and a picture of the baby once she arrives. Thanks again!!
— Stephanie Q. / May 14 2009
Thanks for opening just for us! I am writing to thank you for your personal initiative and professional assistance on Sunday July 30th, 2006. My wife Amanda, had driven up to Jacksonville that Sunday to meet you at your office thanks to your generous offer to perform the 3d/4d ultrasound over the weekend when you are usually closed – due to my father’s serious illness and our desire to learn the sex of our child on his behalf. That night after the sonogram, we scanned the images and emailed them to my mom who printed them out and showed my father that he was going to have a granddaughter. He was absolutely thrilled with the pictures and spent many hours in his bed that week at Johns Hopkins Hospital looking at her picture and smiling. Due to his weakened condition, he was not able to speak, but the joy in his eyes said it all. I cannot express our gratitude to you and Discovery Ultrasound for answering the pleas of a crying, pregnant woman and making yourself available on a Sunday afternoon to give our family the deep comfort and immeasurable peace that our Dad did get to meet his first grandchild days before he died. Thank you so much for making this difficult time of loss for our family a happy celebration of life.
— Duncan K / July 30 2006
I loved my session! As soon as you walk in your name is on a plaque in lobby that you’ll be able to keep later as a keepsake. The room was very comfortable for me and my whole family (I had 4 people with me). There was plenty of room. Diane, the technician, was very friendly and thorough. She was great explaining every shot to the kids so they knew what they were looking at. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone!
— Roxanne M / January 10 2017
Diane was amazing! She was so fun and made our experience even more exciting! She was as engaged as we were and we were so comfortable with her! We went for a general reveal and we will be back when baby BOY is 30 weeks for more fun! Thanks so much!
— Stephanie W / November 24 2016
At first glance, the establishment was clean and inviting. Diane had greeted us in the waiting area and brought us back into the viewing room. I was very impressed how the room was setup. I was not expecting such a spacious room, and there was more than enough ample space for family and friends to be present. Diane was very fun and friendly during the session. I was very pleased with how our session went. I highly recommend that this establishment should be considered first.
— Stacy G / October 20 2016
Best of the best. Had an amazing visit, Diane was punctual and had excellent customer service. Had the best experience finding out my babies gender. Thanks Diane
— Joselyn C / September 5 2016
Amazing place. We had such an amazing experience at Discovery Ultrasound! Personal attention & fun gift bag! We got 6 heartbeat animals for our family members to enjoy too!! I’m excited to go back in week or two & see the baby again!! Technology there is so detailed & beautiful!! Thanks again!!! See u soon!
— Stacy D / August 30 2016
Great service. Diana is wonderful she makes the whole experience fun. What a wonderful person to make you feel so relaxed.
— Wendi S / August 29 2016
Great!! Best in town! We had a great experience at Discovery Ultrasound. The rooms were very clean and presentable. My husband and I could not have asked for a better overall experience.
— Ashley J / August 17 2016
Another great experience! This was our third visit to Discovery Ultrasound this pregnancy. We did the HDLive package and it was such a cool experience! The images are amazing and so clear! Very cool to see your baby in action :) As like before, Diane was awesome and very patient with not only the sleeping baby with in, but my wild children in the room. Thank you SO much!!! Can’t stop looking at the photos :)
— Ashley M / July 10 2016
Impeccably professional, cozy, comfortable and inviting experience...highly recommend!
— Kalin N / July 1 2016
Great Experience! We really enjoyed our session with Diane. The facility is beautiful and well kept...the room where the ultrasound is done is extremely comfortable and calming with plenty of seating should you choose to bring family and friends. Our sweet girl was a bit uncooperative the first time around and didn’t want to pull her foot out of her mouth or her fists from in front of her face! Although disappointing at first, Diane still made the experience fun and enjoyable and tried multiple things in order to get our girl in a different position. Eventually we did get a quick peak but it was fleeting so Diane generously allowed us to come back for a re-scan several days later in the hopes of a better shot. Second time around was great... much more movement and detailed shots, we got both a smile and and a wink before our girl starting sucking her thumb and went back to sleep. Overall, it was so worth it to us to even have a glimpse of our baby and Diane made it fun and light hearted. She even printed out two additional photos to give to each grandma which she didn’t have to do. If you’re on the fence, book with Discovery, I would definitely use Diane again for future Ultrasounds. P.S.- Both my sister and sister in law used a different facility in Mandarin several years back...although they received good images, the facility wasn’t nearly as nice and it was much more cramped. Obviously, I chose to go elsewhere for my own pregnancy...that says something :)
— Jenna L / June 13 2016
Amazing Experience! We had a Gender reveal ultrasound at 15 weeks. Diane is full of personality and made out appointment so delightful! We were able to see our baby and determine the gender. We loved every minute and highly recommend Discovery Ultrasound! It was so much better than I ever thought it would be!
— Sherry M / May 8 2016
Best Birthday Ever! I went for the gender package at 16 weeks on my birthday. The facility was beautiful, comfortable, and clean. Diane was knowledgable and caring and made the experience wonderful. Our little stinker was upside down for the ultrasound and we thought we wouldn’t get to find out, but at the last minute she moved enough for us to be able to tell that we’re having a girl! We also purchased a little stuffed animal with our baby’s heartbeat inside. I highly recommend this special experience at least once in your pregnancy. I will never forget it!
— Daisy V / April 16 2016
Very great experience! I had a wonderful time and my kids did too. I will be coming back later in my pregnancy. The facility was very nice and comfortable.
— Joy M / March 29 2016
I’ve had all three of my baby’s ultrasounds done here, in ‘09, ‘13 and this past Tuesday. My first two babies were very happy to be scanned, but this last one was tricky. Diane did a great job getting some excellent shots of our less than cooperative little one. We also had a strange request; I do not know the gender of the baby, however, my mom desperately wanted to know and she did a wonderful job of finding out and keeping it a secret from me. :) all in all had a great experience every time I come to discovery!
— Brittanie M / March 23 2016
Awesome and comfortable. My family and I had a wonderful experience. With this being my last child this will definitely be one of the most memorable moment of this pregnancy. Thank you for everything.
— Atasha J / March 10 2016
Amazing!! Great atmosphere and pricing! They also made us feel very comfortable. She even took the time to try to get the best pictures when the baby wasn’t being very cooperative. It was also very nice to be able to have 10 people in the room and there was enough space for everyone as well.
— Ashley M / February 19 2016
This is my husband’s and my first child. We were very excited and anxious to get to hear our little ones heartbeat! We felt so comfortable and at ease here! They are fantastic!
— Elizabeth M / February 6 2016
Wonderful experience at Discovery Ultrasound. Easy booking, quick appointment with no waiting. Great experience and I would highly recommend!
— Melanie P / January 19 2016
The time and experience they put into each visit is amazing! The first visit our little angel wanted to hide, and they kept complete patience through the whole thing. They even allowed a second screening with suggestions on how to make the viewing easier. I was totally impressed with the professionalism and joy they genuinely shared with giving us a great experience. Very much worth it!
— Briana H / February 15 2016
Great service! We had a wonderful visit that included allowing family and friends to have a sneek peek at our little bundle of joy! The HD live technology is such a neat thing! Highly recommend this place.
— Cassandra J / December 21 2015
I had such a great time at my session. The place was clean with a great atmosphere and I loved the big screen! Baby girl wasn’t having it at first but some juice fixed that!! I would recommend to anyone and it was just so memorable. I’m looking forward to coming back in 2 weeks for my repeat package! Thanks Discovery Ultrasound!
— Shelby G / November 12 2015
This place was way better than I could have ever imagined. Staff was sweet and even had the place set up with my name up front. Loved it! Would recommend to anyone and everyone!
— Alexia G / December 20 2015
Perfect!!!! Although my little one was a little shy and refused to show his face, everything about the place was PERFECT! The room was very spacious and the set up was great! Welcomed me and made me feel comfortable. Definitely would recommend to others. Thanks again!
— Dashaunna C / August 23 2015
It was a really nice and clean place the waiting room is amazing and comfortable the worker was very kind to me my session was magnificent the room was outstanding and very put together and beautiful and I gotten to see my son even though he was sleepy they were nice pics of him I couldn’t be more happy that day:)
— Monique C / August 11 2015
My husband, mom and myself were very pleased with our experience at Discovery Ultrasound. She made sure not to spill the beans about the gender, as we were finding out the next day at our reveal party, and waited for my husband to arrive at the appointment to get started. She spent a great amount of time showing us our baby girl and helped point out parts that weren’t as easy to make out. Will be back again!! :)
— Carly C / July 23 2015
We went in yesterday for our gender ultra sound at 16 weeks. This was a very special moment and Dianne was sooo awesome. The room was amazing so many screens and she was so patient and even went back after i was done to recorde baby heart beat for the Heartbeat Buddy that I wanted which was the neatest thing I have ever seen. I am so glad we chose this place it was the best by far that we have ever been to and I will recommend for anyone who is wanting early gender ultrasound done or a 3D/4D sonogram this is the place. Thanks for making it such a peaceful enjoyable unforgettable moment! And we will probably be back soon!!! Oh and yes ITS A GIRL!!! After 2 boys we are ecstatic and so happy. Thanks for letting out friends and family be there as well it was so amazing and comfortable environment for all of us. We loved it!
— Kamela K / June 20 2015
I couldn’t have a most wonderful experience to get to know we are having a girl, from the moment we walked in and saw the little welcome notice we knew we chose the right place to find out our baby’s gender. Discovery Ultrasound is a very professional business and they really make sure you, your family and your baby have the best experience. I will be coming back for the 3D/4D ultrasound in a couple of months.
— Ana B / May 31 2015
I have been to both a Storks View and Sneak Peak Studios and this was by far my best experience yet! The building is very clean and smells great! There is a HUGE projection screen as well as two other screens to view the baby from! The bed you lay on to have the ultrasound is extremely comfortable. I will never go to another place for ultrasounds! Me and my fiancé are extremely happy with Discovery!!!
— Anna D / May 9 2015
From the moment I walked into Discovery Ultrasound I loved it! The office was beautiful and very clean. I received wonderful service and I will be going back again for a 3D. I highly recommend this place!!
— Holly J / April 6 2015
First Time and very satisfied...
I always wanted to have 3D pictures of my babies. I never got a chance to with my last pregnancy, so was very determined this pregnancy. I researched many companies, and not knowing personally any of them was a hard decision. I honestly think the ease of scheduling my decision easier, not to mention all the women who had used this company before helped as well. I do however wish there would’ve been more recent pictures of this place. But it wasn’t a deciding factor. Anyways, whatever the reason, I’m extremely happy with my decision. From the first look at the website up until even now. I’m very happy. The price was very reasonable as well. I’ve got so many pictures, not all of them are clear but that’s expected. And the video of watching my baby move around and suck her fingers and stick out her tongue is an experience I’ll never forget. This will be my last pregnancy and I’m so happy that I did this, and got to have my family in the room, which was also very nice and comfortable for everyone. Ive already told several of my friends about this place and even mentioned it on facebook. Def. A place to come and experience what we did. Thank you Diane, you gave us life-long memories of our unborn baby Girl Madelyn.
— April P / March 29 2015
I was very impressed with Discovery Ultrasound. The facility was clean and welcoming. I liked how the ultra sound room was big enough for a whole family to be able to come along but not feel cramped. The pictures turned out great and I was able to get a CD with over 130 pictures. I will definitely be back for another sonogram later on in my pregnancy.
— Alecia S / March 16 2015
I had an awesome experience here. It was my first time ever having a 3D ultra sound and i enjoyed every seconded of it. The atmosphere was clean and cozy and Diane made me feel comfortable and right at home. My little one was very stubborn and didn’t want to show her face but Diane was very patient with us and made sure we left with beautiful face shots and I didn’t feel rushed at all. I would recommend anyone to come here. The prices are reasonable and the staff were very perfessonal!
— Bianca S / February 11 2015
It’s a girl! My husband and I did the 2D gender determination and had a wonderful experience. I felt very comfortable in the office. The whole place is very clean and smelled wonderful. Diane gave credit to the plug-ins :) She did a great job and kept the gender a secret from us as we wished. We found out yesterday at our gender reveal party that’s it’s a girl! We will definitely be back for a 3D and 4D ultrasound. Thank you!!
— Amy D / January 11 2015
This being my first pregnancy I was overwhelmed with joy to see my little girl. After being told my doctor charges $200 for a 3D ultrasound I took Google to find a better price. I’m new to the Jacksonville area so i couldn’t ask my friends where they went so i started reading reviews and looking at prices. I found discovery ultrasound after only a few minutes of searching and i must say i made a good choice. The environment was calm, the room was clean, and i loved that i could bring more than one person. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a nice place to get a 3D ultrasound done.
— Nicole S / December 19 2014
Best First Experience!! We had such a great experience at Discovery Ultrasound! Even though our baby was being rather stubborn, we were still able to capture some great shots. We were able to schedule a re-do appointment without any extra charges since the baby was not in a good position and refused to move. We will definitely be going back if we’re still in the area when we have another baby. :)
— Lauren J / December 15 2014
I’m a second time customer. LOVED my experience Discovery Ultrasound! The entire experience was very personal and professional. The facilities were clean, spacious, and comfortable. I HIGHLY recommend Discovery Ultrasound. I went in at 16 weeks exactly and was THRILLED to find out we are having a baby boy!
— Kaley N / November 11 2014
I was very happy with my visit! Nice place, though a little hard to find. MapQuest was way off with their directions, though google maps on my phone managed to get me there. Definitely the nicest ultrasound room I’ve ever been in! Nice bed to sit on and a big screen. They took time to try from every angle and we got lots of pics. Very good experience overall. I will definitely be back when I get a little farther along for a second look!
— Candy / November 5 2014
We loved our experience with Discovery Ultrasound! Though Baby was uncooperative at our first, our second visit was better than ever imagined. Being able to see Our Baby at every angle and your willingness to show us and take that time, made memories for us all. I wouldn’t recommend anyone but You to send my friends and family to for this experience! Your professional conduct and atmosphere made an impact on this special event in Our life. Thank You!
— Whitney L / October 31 2014
Very special moment! We had a great experience at discovery ultrasound. I went there with my first child who is now three and definitely wanted to go again with #2. Diane made it very special with a welcoming attitude and explaining to us where baby was and trying to get the best angles possible. We will be returning in a month for the second scan and we can’t wait!
— Tiffani S / October 24 2014
Great experience! would definitely go back and recommend! I really enjoyed my experience here. The set up is very nice and welcoming.
— Jennifer S / October 22 2014
We came in to find out the gender of our baby. It’s a boy btw =] and had a wonderful experience. My fiance said he would give 10 stars if possible. The facility was nice, comfortable and inviting. Can’t wait till im far uenough along to come back for my 3d
— Maura C / October 19 2014
The office was great. It was clean and well set up and a very comfortable and relaxing environment. Diane was a great tech and did a wonderful job. The pictures came out great too. I absolutely loved the whole experience. Thank you!
— Ashleigh D / October 5 2014
My ultrasound tech was incredibly welcoming, it was an incredibly calming atmosphere, the office was incredibly clean and well maintained with very nice furniture and decorations. All around amazing experience.
— Rebecca E / October 3 2014
Amazing !! Diane was absolutely wonderful . I was so Happy with my first ultrasound I went back for a second with my whole family !!
— Samantha S / September 29 2014
The visit to Discovery Ultrasound was awesome! The level of dedication, care and commitment was above expectations. The atmosphere was relaxed and Diane knew just how to position me to get some excellent pictures!
— Melanie H / September 22 2014
I felt very relaxed and was appreciative of the quality time spent with our family. We got many great pictures of our little baby girl. Would revisit again if we have another baby.
— Jamie F / September 20 2014
Love love love! WHAT A GREAT experience I had both times I went! She was very patient with me and the baby. The second time my family came and really felt comfortable! I will recommend this place to everyone a know!
— Christina P / September 7 2014
Very warm comfortable place, I would definitely recommend it, and I will absolutely be coming back! Very kid friendly and a amazing experience for the family! :)
— Teresa M / August 11 2014
A great experience! Thank you so much!! My guest and I enjoyed my 3d/4d ultrasound very much, even though our baby girl was being a little stubborn and wouldn’t show all of her face. Diane was awesome! Comfortable atmosphere and private. Definitely recommend!!
— Megan C / August 5 2014
I would highly recommend any expecting mother get a 3D ultrasound at Discovery Ultrasound. Diane is the best! She was so patient with our “camera shy” little one and went above and beyond to get some great images for us. We will definitely be back for future pregnancies. Thank you!!!
— Gretchen S / July 22 2014
Drama Queen... No, Really?!? As soon as Diane started the ultrasound you could see our little drama queen, one arm behind the head, one arm and hand laid upon it’s forehead as if to say “Private dressing room”, “No paparazzi please”, “Do we really have to do this now?”... Feet propped up on one side of my uterus, we just laughed, it was the darnedest this I had ever seen out of all four of my pregnancies. When it came to the gender reveal portion, the baby decided that he or she was going to cross their legs over their but and still remained in the, “I just don’t have time for you” position. Diane was patient and caring, she even got me some juice to try and jump start peanut into moving for the big reveal, and yet... nothing. We were scheduled for a Re-Do appointment for two weeks time, the cd we we chose, although not allot of action going on, it cracks me, the baby’s father as well as anyone else who has watched it, up. As much drama as this little one has in the womb has prepared me for the lifestyle this little one has already grown accustomed too LOL!!! I would never visit any other place for an ultrasound, point blank... PERIOD!!
— Dawn H / June 21 2014
Thank you Diane for getting us in on such short notice and helping make our party fantastic!!! We can’t wait to come back and see our little girl!!!
— Cynthia G / June 13 2014
Great gender determination experience! The facility was very nice. Diane was very accomodating to me and my family. Did not feel rushed at all. Will definitely come back for 3D/4D ultrasound.
— Mecia G / June 13 2014
My husband and I had a great experience at Discovery Ultrasound. It was a great price and even though our little one was being stubborn, she made sure that we got amazing pictures of our baby!
— Jeannie H / May 20 2014
I loved the whole experience. She was able to tell us the babies gender which was incredible and was just so great through the whole thing!
— Jemsand B / May 12 2014
My little one was very uncooperative for the first visit. Mommy and Daddy tried a few techniques in an attempt to get him to move. During the entire process Denise was so patient and even tried to offer suggestions. In the end our baby boy was just determined to only show his manhood (haha). Denise offered a comfortable environment and a hassle free opportunity to return and try again. It was such a relief. Although out little man still refused to show himself the second time, it was not for lack of trying on anyone’s part. Denise never made us feel rushed through the process and made every effort possible to get our little guy to share a sweet moment. I would highly reccommend this facility - you will NOT be dissapointed.
— Rachel B / May 6 2014
The viewing room is huge, 3 televisions for viewing and and enough space for my whole family. Diane did our sonogram and she is wonderful and patient when your little one isn’t cooperating.
— Susie V / April 20 2014
Great Service! Great Pictures! We had a wonderful time today. Thank you Diane!!!
— Susan / April 6 2014
My 3rd child and my 3rd visit to Discovery. Each pregnancy my husband and I want to have a preview of new bundle so off to Discovery we go. I tell everyone that is pregnant to go. You won’t be disappointed!!!!
— Allison / April 4 2014
Thank you so much for fitting us in on a busy Saturday!! The pictures were great and you were so nice especially since the baby didn’t want her picture taken!
— Jessica W / March 29 2014
You are so sweet! Thank you so much for the personal care and attention that you expressed during my appointments... I appreciate it very much. I will see you in about 11 weeks for the 3d ultra sound. Thanks again Diane!
— Samantha M / March 14 2014
Second visit for our first child. We had a great visit with discovery ultrasound both in the same pregnancy, our first time we had a lot of family so the accommodation for the large group was very helpful. The second time our baby wasn’t cooperative because he was face down head down but the ultrasound tech was very helpful to try her best to get us at least one good picture! Would definitely do this again for other pregnancies and recommend them to everyone!
— Samantha K / March 3 2014
At first my little guy didn’t want to have his picture taken but after Diane made some adjustments and I had to do some stretches we finally got to see him and got some great pictures. Thank you Diane for your skills and patience.
— Clara / February 19 2014
This is the second 3D ultrasound iv’e had (once in the past with my first child).I paid a lot less at Discovery! I enjoyed the setting,quiet and lights dimmed. Didn’t feel the need to have to talk a lot..i enjoyed just laying back and seeing my sweet baby! :)
— Tara C / February 17 2014
Great customer service!!! Diane is wonderful! Love her great personality and business. We went in for a gender scan and she knew right away we are having a little girl. I liked her services so much I went back for my 4D. Even though our daughter was camera shy that day, she let us reschedule to try one more time. I’m definitely going back again for another 4D in a few weeks just to see our little girl again :) And every time you go back you get great deals! I highly recommend Discovery Ultrasound.
— Tina O / February 14 2014
Called discovery ultrasound at 12 on a Wednesday, needed to get in that day if it was possible, she got me in at 445. Told me I was having a baby girl! The place was very comfortable and relaxing and the ultrasound turned out amazing! Plenty of room in the room and a big tv so everyone gets to see the ultrasound comfortably Plan on going back when I’m closer to my due date !! Thank you discovery ultrasound
— Cierra J / January 17 2014
Our visit was perfect. The whole environment was cozy and the staff was pleseant.I plan to come back for a second visit during my 3rd trimester.
— Jessica K / December 26 2013
The best baby preview EVER!!! We are repeat clients with Discovery Ultrasound and every experience has been beyond amazing! We were able to get great preview pics of our newest addition, despite him being uncooperative at first. Diane was patient with us, our family, and our little one who was camera shy at first. We highly recommend Discovery Ultrasound, and will always suggest them to expectant families who are looking for great service!
— Reulonda W / November 11 2013
Best Ultrasound that I have ever had! I am so glad that I went there . She made possible for me to meet my baby. The images and 4D were so clear . She took her time to show us all the different baby parts. We saw his little hands and feet, and she confirmed the gender as well. I really appreciate your business. Thank You.
— Sam / October 24 2013
Wonderful Experience, especially if you have little ones! We went at 33 weeks of pregnancy, so I was a little worried if we’d get good images. Poor baby looked very smooshed, but we still got some good shots. The place is very clean and relaxing, and the best part is they have toys to keep little ones occupied. We had our 2 yr old son with us and worried he’d be bored or scared in a dark room with a big machine. He was too busy playing with the cars to notice! Overall, we had a wonderful experience!
— Audra L / September 10 2013
Thank you for a wonderful ultrasound experience! My family and I thoroughly enjoyed our special day with you. We enjoyed meeting/seeing the newest addition to our family. You provide a wonderful service. Keep up the good work.
— Joann D / October 19 2012
We were amazed to see how much Kaitlyn looks like her 3d/4d ultrasound pictures! Having her 4D ultrasound was such a wonderful experience for us. Thank you!
— Jennifer S. / February 6 2011
Thank you for welcoming my family and me and giving us one of the most special gifts…a 3D snapshot of our baby boy! We are so excited to meet our little guy and had such a special time getting to see him and bonding with him during the ultrasound. You have such a cute and cozy office! Thank you again for your thoughtfulness and generosity. We’ll be sure to let you know when he arrives!
— Denise F / December 16 2010
Thank you so much for giving us a glimpse of what our little Ethan would look like. He is such a great baby and almost sleeps through the night already at six weeks! He even looks a lot like the pictures from the ultrasound. He sleeps with his fists next to his face like several of the pictures. It’s so cute! Warmest wishes!
— Christina H. / June 24 2009
Changed Everything! My experience with you guys changed everything about my pregnancy and I can’t thank you enough. I feel like I know him. I continue to give out your brochures. Thank you again.
— Lindsay S / June 4 2006
Amazing! Thank you so much for the wonderful pictures of our baby boy. Everyone we show is absolutely amazed!
— Nikki H / May 11 2006