Why do we require a credit card to book an appointment?

Due to the amount of no-shows, it's to cover our $50 No-Show fee. We charge a No-Show fee if you don't show up for your appointment without calling us at least 48 hours beforehand to cancel or re-schedule. (We do not accept cancellations by email - you must call us)

Why do you charge a No-Show Fee?
All of our business is by appointment only. By making your appointment with us, you are committing to a certain date and time to be here. We show up even if it's for only one appointment in a day. We make a commitment to YOU as well to be here on the day of your appointment - READY TO GO! The lights are on, the room is at a comfortable temperature, our ultrasound machine is powered up, and we even keep the gel we put on your belly warm! We just ask that you keep your commitment to us - and if something happens to let us now ASAP by phone. It's actually just a common courtesy that if you commit to an appointment and you can't make it - you call the other party to let them know. But we've found that a surprising amount of people don't practice common courtesy these days.

Why do we have to give you 48 hours notice?
We are a small locally owned business and work by appointment only to keep our costs down. If a person decides not to show up, we lose that revenue - pure and simple. A last minute cancellation means there isn't enough time to re-book that time slot. Also, in many cases, you might have caused a technician to drive to the office for nothing.

We WILL work with you!
We understand that unexpected things happen - and we will work with you but you have to call us!